What It Is and Why It Works

A/B Testing has become an essential tool in measuring the effectiveness of on-line marketing and web pages. A/B testing, or split testing, is a controlled experiment done with actual website visitors.

The goal is to identify what changes to webpages and emails increase a positive reader response to a desired outcome i.e. sign up to (for example) a newsletter or, webinar, or make a purchase.

As the name suggests, two versions of content (A and B) are presented to page visitors and are identical except for one variation that may influence a reader’s behaviour. Version A can be the current version and acts as the control, while Version B is modified in some way, examples being a different title, picture or content, a different offer or CTA (Call to Action).

When used on webpages, the controlling application such as Google Analytics presents either the “A” page or the “B” page to incoming visitors. Data is gathered as to which version better delivers the desired user behaviour.

Why Test?

The benefit of A/B testing lies in better decision-making for in-bound marketing campaigns due to evidence-based testing vs subjective opinion.

This is particularly important when investing in an Adwords campaign. Having paid for a valuable click-through from your on-line ad to your landing page, you want to ensure page content is compelling enough to motivate the visitor to connect with you or buy something.

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