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We use proven “white hat” strategies and techniques to help your web site rank high on search engines and deliver more traffic.

Overview of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are three key elements required to ensure on-line ranking success

Keyword Research

This is where we take the words that you believe best describe your service/product and map this against the search terms your prospective clients are actually using to find solutions.

We look at keyword search volumes, competing websites and come back with recommendations on which keywords to start with.

Quite often the initial set of keywords may be difficult to rank for given the level of existing and well-established competition.

There may be related terms (or longer, more specific word phrases) that have traffic with less competition that make for a better strategy.

Semantic SEO

This is where we apply the keywords to the different elements of a web page or blog so that Google and Bing are able to understand what the web page is about and properly index, or categorize the page within their search database.

Commonly called on-page SEO, these page elements are described in the SEO Checklist.

Link Building

With the web page properly optimized for search engine recognition, the work now begins to make the page popular in the eyes of search engines.

This is done by developing links from external websites, blogs, directories and social media platforms that point to your webpage (back links).

Links can vary in quality and “authority” – a link from an expert blog post will have more weight than, say, a link from a generic business directory. Care must be taken to ensure the link-building follows Google’s best practices.

A link-building campaign can take six months to achieve a high enough rank to start attracting significant new visitor traffic, with results and forward progress typically visible in the 3rd month.

Turn Your Site into a Sales Rep

  • Build visitor traffic and retention.
  • Make your website offers resonate with the prospect.
  • Turn prospects into qualified leads.

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  • Identify concrete opportunities to improve lead generation

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