The Best B2B Lead Generation Practices (cont’d)

P009 OctoberWe’re focused on helping you improve your web site traffic conversion rate to deliver more on-line lead opportunities. We do this through optimizing web page design and using proven conversion strategies.

In this newsletter, we continue with the series “10 Essential Steps for On-line Lead Generation” with these four posts:

5 Key Features of Successful Websites
How to guide visitors to what they want. Key takeaways: Optimize the three major entry points into your website. Read it here

Your Blog’s Job
Blogging now plays a key role in establishing credibility and raising profile. This post highlights how your blog optimizes the relationship between social media and your web site.  Read it here

Make Your Blog Posts Stand Out
Set your blog up for success. Post layout, inter-linking and CTAs (Calls to Action) all play a part in creating effective, converting content. Read it here

Getting Started with Google My Business
Google has taken several of their tools and platforms and combined them into an on-line platform for small and medium sized businesses. Here are step-by-step instructions to get set up. Read it here

August Newsletter
If you are looking for the earlier posts that are part of this Lead Generation series you can find them here.

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