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Introduction to Digital Marketing

Here's the digital marketing presentation I give to technology startups at the RIC Centre, Oakville. It covers how the buying/selling process has changed, and the three essential objectives an on-line presence must have to achieve success in lead generation and new...

Twitter Re-Defines 140-Character Limit

Twitter has announced a new approach that expands the use of the 140-character limit by excluding certain types of content. Starting today, @names in replies, attached media (images, videos, and polls) and quoted Tweets will no longer be counted against the...

Buffer’s Always Up-To-Date Facebook Advertising Guide

Buffer Social is a good resource for social media tips and social platforms that cater to the B2C (business to consumer) market place. There are some B2B sectors where Facebook might be the better on-line advertising alternative - software publishers targeting a user...

14 Reasons Why You Should A/B Test on your Website

Here's a graphic highlighting the importance of A/B Testing your website content.  A/B Testing allows you to test different ideas on a webpage by alternating page to website visitors. Essentially, you are letting your website visitors vote on which web page is the...

Forbes Article – What does SEO cost?

George Stemle at Forbes Entrepreneur takes you through the factors that can influence the cost of SEO for your site. He reviews project, retainer and hourly SEO pricing models along with an infographic from Moz. SEO firms from Canada, USA, UK,...

7 Tips to Effective Email Design

In today's world of permission-based marketing, lead nurturing through email marketing is an important component of your in-bound marketing efforts.   Email has been identified as the best converting on-line communication medium, better than search engines and...