Google My Business (GMB)
is Google’s answer to on-line platforms targeting small and medium businesses. GMB combines a number of previously launched Google services including Google+, Google Places, Adwords, YouTube and Analytics under one umbrella.

GMB also provides a dashboard that gives you a consolidated view of market outreach on these Google services.

GMB solves a number of things for Google:

  • Provides an SMB platform similar to what Facebook has for SMBs
  • Encourages businesses to get on board with Google accounts
  • Makes it easier for businesses to advertise on Adwords

Why GMB is important

  • Boosts your business web site by cross-linking your GMB page with your site
  • Increases your chances or ranking higher in Google local search results
  • Easily Integrates with your social media efforts
  • Allows customer reviews (and your responses) which act as votes for improving your ranking

Additionally, here’s a short article in Forbes Magazine quoting Forrester Research.

Setting up your business account on GMB

Go to your personal Google account top right hand corner and click on your +name:This brings you to your personal Google+ page:

Top left under the Google logo,mouse over the Home button. this gives you a list of choices – Click on My Pages:

Click on the blue button “Get Your Pages” on the top right. You are now presented with three choices. Choose the one that fits:

  • Shop Front for businesses with a retail location
  • Service Area for businesses serving an area
  • Brand

Set up your location (applies to Shop Front and Service choices). If you are a service, your address serves to set the radius for the geography that your business covers:

Now, on the strength of your address, you’ll proceed with verifying your business, whereby Google will mail you a verification code to the address supplied:

Within two weeks, you’ll get this nice envelope. Open it up, visit, sign into your Google account and enter your verification code:

and now you are done with registering your business on Google My Business.

Managing your GMB page

While you are waiting for your Verification Code, you can still do content set up on your page, plus take the tour of the various services that Google has pulled together under the GMB umbrella:

Final Comments

If you have set up the initial page via your personal G+, it’s easier to edit the page through the actual Google My Business portal.

Refer to this Google My Business Support Page (opens in a new browser tab) to kickstart your customization of profile picture and background.

Also, to cross-link your GMB page to your website, you’ll want to grab your Google+ URL (mine is and add it either as a social media button or other link.

Here are Google’s instructions for getting your Google+ address added to your site.

Thanks for reading!