In previous posts I’ve outlined the essential elements (website design, keywords, blog) that are required to establish conversion destinations – places on your web site where visitors can take actions to know you and your company better.

These incremental steps are guided by CTAs (Calls to Action) where you encourage a newcomer to your site to make their first transaction with you – their email address in return for a newsletter sign-up, for example.

Securing an email address is important, for the following reasons:

1. Emails have higher conversions than other channels

An email allows you to engage in lead development by periodically delivering a series of touch points over time, moving the email subscriber through your qualification process towards becoming a client.

2. Emails have a longer shelf life

Here are the average lifetimes for posts on social media:

Facebook – 3 hours (Source: EdgeRank Checker).
Twitter – 18 minutes (Source: Moz)
LinkedIn – 24 hours (Source: Weidart Group)

As a result, your social media posts are competing with everyone else posting up on social platforms, now time dependent because they get pushed down and off the screen by the latest wave of posts.

With an email, however, your competition is with other emails in the user inbox – you have reached the reader’s personal space. Now, the competition is less around time of posting and more around engaging content.

3. Email use is dominant and continues to grow

In fact, there are three times as many email accounts as Twitter and Facebook accounts combined.


So – Far from being an “old technology”, permission-based emails create the opportunity whereby your subscribers can look forward to getting content from you.

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